In my music, I do not follow any rules, seeking only the melody tones that follow each other in a story without words, which I feel inside myself, in my head and in my heart. It's an intimate situation when the man himself, guided by an unknown force to search for the right puzzle of sounds and rhythms formed by musical instrument. It gives an opportunity to pass this inner mystery and obscurity into the music tracks that can also get someone else, he will have the desire to listen ... and it could be caress for the soul, but also irritating, provocative vibrations ...

I play the guitar and compose music for over 20 years. Creating melodic composition with just the guitar, or by using a computer. The playing contains elements of blues, rock, psychedelia and film music mood. Alternating slow melancholic songs with dynamic compositions. I use a variety of effects and looper.

My work influenced guitarists are Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and Jeff Beck.
Music and Photography