Individual photo classes

A private lesson is for one client at the time.
In current courses it is common to learn the different patterns of technical rules by passively watch the teacher who explains what and how you should and should not do. There are many books and seminars like this.
However, it is essential for the development of everzone in any field to be able to hear feedback from others and be able to hear zour teacher’s opinions about the work you have created.
During a personal consultation I will explain the procedures and the basics of professional photography, but mainly I will take your photos and using them I will explain how to proceed, what to avoid, we will discuss the original intention of what you wanted to express and if you managed to succeeded . Thinking is the foundation. You can use the best photographic equipment, but it is only a means to realise what you have in mind and heart. You can shoot anything, but it is good to know not only how but also why. Let us consciously create images that can bring joy, thought or a different message to others.

One lesson consultation (60 minutes): 500Kč

If interested, contact me at:

or mobile +420 724 043 615
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