MgA. Robert Rambousek

(*1975 Košice, Slovakia)

Graduate of Film and Television School of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) Department of Still Photography, 1998 -2002 (Professor Smok, Birgus, Kozlik, Kolar, Vojtechovsky, Rajzik, Dias, Havrankova and others ) In his free work he focuses on the photo with a tendency to minimalism, surrealism, symbolism and spiritual photographic references. Besides photography, his great love is music. He plays the guitar and creates his own songs using a computer. He likes travelling, seeing new regions and meeting their inhabitants, and is devoted to healthy living.

„I like the purity and harmony in photography, music, house and in relationships“


Funke's Kolin
1993 Turnov map range from 1994 - 1999
The Small Gallery Hradbach
Kolin 1994 Regional Museum
Kolin 1994 Kamenz (Germany)
presentation of the city of Kolin in 1996
Final files FAMU
Prague 1997-2002 Introspection - FAMU
Whale Gallery
Prague 1996 Bachelor files FAMU
New Town Hall
Prague 2000 Portraits of children from DVU Bychory
The festival fences
Prague 2001 International Anti-Corruption Conference - Wenceslas Square
Prague 2001 FAMU Festival
Archa Theatre
Prague 2001 Masters files FAMU
Tunnel Gallery
Prague 2002 Music Festival Kmoch Kolin
photo of Music festival spite
Kolin 2002 Foundation Leontinka 2007, 2008, 2010
Salon of Kolin artists 2009
ÚSP Prague Walnuts free file creation in 2010
Studio D13 of Zuzana Ticha, Prague 2011,2012,2013 fine art
Festival Natruc Kolín 2011, 2012 - children and horses, hyporehabilitation
Fotofestival Český Krumlov 2013 - fire
The Art of Being Summer Festival 2014, Ledeč n/S - fine art
Podobenky - Petr Vrána and friends, Praha, May 2015
Galerie Klatovy Klenová, Between Heaven and Earth, 2015
Conservatory Plzeň, House of music, Between Heaven and Earth, 2016
Atelier Art Fest Praha Holešovice 2018
Mimikry/Kapka - photo/graphics - exhibition with Gabriela Sedlackova Muzeum Čáslav 2020

Experience in newspapers and magazines: MF Dnes, Prague Vecernik, Nancy, Boomerang Publishing, Bravo, Reflex

2012 - 2013 teacher of Practical exercises of Photography in OSSP Kolín

2014 únor - residency stay in Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus Schwandorf

2014 Photo-editor Reflex magazine

Currently freelance photographer, Prague, Czech Republic

Photo: Zuzana Zonova
Music and Photography